31 Chambers Street, South Yarra


Smoothies , Yoghurt and Freshly Baked Cake


Hello there!

A Store of Healthy Indulgence, Highlighting an Asian Delicacy

 Jann’s Choice is a new South Yarra drink&food store serving up healthy drinks and not-too-sweet desserts. Fresh fruit smoothies, yoghurt drinks and house-made freshly baked cake make up the menu. 

What should you order?


 The Coconut and Mango Smoothie was one of our favourite items upon visiting – the duo of fruits proving pleasantly tropical. The drink is based with bird’s nest jelly, which although may sound exotic to those who have never tried it, doesn’t actually taste like anything. It’s topped with layers of blended mango as well as a coconut milk blend. 

Hot tip


 Jann’s Choice’s desserts can be enjoyed without the guilt – comparatively lower in sugar, some available with bird’s nest, too. Swiss Rolls and Egg Tarts Topped with Bird’s Nest are a few notable options, made by manager and pastry chef Rita Jiang 

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